Britta b., founder and owner of riBbatt, loved creating cards since she was a little girl. She wrote letters and notes to penpals, friends and family — it was the way to keep in touch back then. At first she copied cards that she liked and had a few favorites. The card she copied the most had a drawing of an ant on the front and the inside said… ‘I only have one complaint… where you is, is where I ain’t’. “This was so funny to me. It said what I wanted to say so well and was a little cheesy too.” Britta says.

You know that feeling you get when you go the mailbox and you get a card or package. That’s the feeling we want to help you give to others. Our notecards can stand alone or they are the cherry on top of your care package or gift. Some are thoughtful, cute, funny, inspirational… it’ll be fun to go through and pick out the perfect one.




Have you encouraged someone today? Life is fast… it’s easy to let time get away and forget about those around us. It is our hope that we can help you stop and take a minute to find creative ways to encourage others. It is quite amazing how far a kind word will go and in the process you might just find that you have been encouraged too!



Why riBbatt? Britta and her husband Justin have a son, he has always loved to catch anything from turtles, bullfrogs, snakes… you name it. One day, several years ago, he brought this perfect bullfrog to show off. Those bulging eyes and ornery stance had to be photographed. Of course a notecard was made using a stylized image of the bullfrog. Bullfrogs bring memories of warm summer nights, fireflies, hot dog roasts and swimming in the pond at sunset. If you mix her name {Britta} around a bit… you get riBbatt! Sounds like a match made in heaven to us.